Eat, Drink,
& Howl At The Moon

15 State Of Mind Street, Bluffton, SC
In the Calhoun Street Promenade

That warm fuzzy feeling

Our coffee is delicious. It's indulgent. It inspires the taste buds, but it also smells good, and feels nice in your mouth. Flavor matters.

A place to grab a beer

In addition to brewing our fine beers on the premises, we offer a carefully picked selection of beers and fine wines from around the world, and one of Baltimore's best selections of scotches and spirits.

About Moon Mi

Moon Mi comes from the French Italian poet Jean Luigi Mallet in the Maynard district of France.

The meaning is similar to asking for the moon, to bring the harvest moon and all it's food and festivities. Much like the Harvest Moon Room on our second floor, the festivities and birthday parties are welcomed there. The full and harvest moon was a time for families to celebrate around good food and good drink. Today you see the same, and when you think of Moon Mi we hope you'll think of the good times, good food and good drink here. Remember, full moons are special here for a number of reasons, ask your sever for full the moon specials.

Our building is also very special to the Bluffton area. The barn is a copy of the original Jonas barn that sat not far off of the banks of the River Maye in the greater Bluffton area. Food and provisions that include ales and whiskeys were secretly stored during prohibition. It's said that barrels could be seen offloading at a certain dock on the Maye with distilled products from as far away as Nassau and Cat Island in the Bahamas.

The barn and property owners, Will and Greta would offer food, drink and advice to those that came to the barn.

Legend had (and still has) that if you are photographed in front of this type of monitor building, or barn, before or after your wedding day that it will bring good luck forever as both side roofs blend into a single roof. The new legend is that a photo taken in front of Moon MI will bring good fortune but be very aware, a picture taken in front of Moon Mi during a full moon will include some wild and strange times during that good fortune!

We are very proud of the fact that we not only serve the best food and drink but we strive to employ the high school and college age locals. Our philosophy is local is best and the energy that our young Blufftonians have is as contagious as it is fun, you'll most always know the folks working to make your experience great.

Please remember that we are in good company here in the Promenade. The best wines in the area are served at Corks, Ted and Donna offer the best BBQ in the world at Bluffton BBQ, Captain Woody's is a local favorite and River Town Tavern's ( summer '14 ) name says it all. Please walk around the area and enjoy Midnight Bakery and Corner Perk, these folks are all glad you're here in Bluffton and love to show it.

Thank you for being part of the old and new history of Bluffton and Moon Mi Pizza.

~ The owners and staff

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